Tips for Effective Business Communication

The success of any business depends on effective communication. Workers and teams within the business must master the best communication habits. The business must also communicate externally with customers, partners, and authorities to survive. Effective communication ensures that your operations run smoothly since everyone is ceased his role. You can address customer and worker issues … Read more

How Being A Chief Procurement Officer Has Evolved

Companies – no matter the industry – have evolved over the years. As for Chief Procurement Officers (or CPOs), they’ve finally seen their share of being valuable contributors to their company’s strategy, when it comes to both business and where it’s heading. Now, there’s a need for CPOs to take on their roles in newer … Read more

3 Things to Never Procrastinate on When You Move

Procrastination, as a strategy, is starting to get more and more interest from the scientific community. For example, Adam Grant points out in his book “Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World” that Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Frank Lloyd Wright and Leonardo Da Vinci were all notorious procrastinators. And hey, it worked out pretty well for … Read more