5 Ways to Better Protect Your Home

Home security is a common concern for many homeowners. No matter what sort of area you live in, you want to keep your home protected from all sorts of threats. Luckily, there are now many simple ways that you can better protect your home on a budget, thanks in part to recent home security innovations. Below, we’ll highlight five easy methods you can use to better protect your home and give yourself some peace of mind.

A Home Warranty

When we think about protecting our homes, we often think about outside dangers. However, there are problems inside the home you could face that can lead to costly expenses. Every home has home insurance, but this protection plan doesn’t cover everything. If one of your appliances suddenly breaks down, like your furnace, you could be facing thousands of dollars worth of repairs on short notice. Many people would have a hard time affording this sort of expense, which is where a home warranty plan can come in.

With a home warranty plan, you make a small monthly payment each month. Then, if an appliance breaks down in your home, the warranty covers the repair costs. This makes budgeting for these sorts of repairs easier. To get started, we recommend researching home warranty plans. Learn about what the plans cover and how much they cost each month. Then decide if that monthly amount is worth the peace of mind you’ll get knowing major repair costs are covered.

Security Cameras

Next, you can start thinking about dangers that come from outside the home. A simple way to protect your house is by installing security cameras outside. With security cameras, you can keep an eye on the exterior of your home at all times and keep a record of what’s happened. There are many different types of security cameras you can get, from cameras you install around the perimeter of your home to ones that replace your doorbell. Then there are those through which you can view real-time feeds on your phone or even turn into an intercom.

Think about which areas of your home you want to cover with security cameras first. Most people want to watch over their front doors, but you may have other areas you want to cover. Then explore the different types of cameras that are out there and see which ones best suit your needs. If you don’t need anything too fancy, you can likely have a security camera set up outside your home in just a few hours and for under $100.

Electronic Locks

Another common home security upgrade is electronic locks, also known as smart locks. Most homes come with standard locks that we require a key to open. However, these locks are easily picked and not the most secure option. Electronic locks, on the other hand, give you more control over your doors and add an extra layer of convenience.

For instance, some locks can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. This is useful when you’re not sure if you locked the door after leaving home in the morning or if you need to let someone in while you’re away. You can also get front door locks that use a number combination to open, which is more secure than a key that’s easily lost. Similar to security cameras, electronic locks aren’t too expensive and you may even be able to install them yourself with a little effort.

Exterior Lights

Another way to make the exterior of your home safer is with exterior lights. A few lights outside your home can help deter anyone from entering your property or alert you of your surroundings when you’re outside. Motion-sensing lights are particularly popular for home exteriors, as they only turn on when they sense something moving. So, you could install some motion-sensing lights over your garage, which will turn on when you’re walking into your home, then off again once you’re inside. You could also install these lights in your yard, allowing you to quickly notice if something is moving around the outside of your home.

A Safe for Valuables

Finally, consider getting a safe for inside your home. A safe is a great way to protect your valuables further if your other home safety measures don’t work. You may want to store things like jewelry, cash, and important documents in your safe, just as an added layer of security. A safe isn’t necessary for every home, but if you have something very valuable that you want to protect, a good safe installed somewhere hidden within your home is a great solution and can give you some peace of mind.