How to Turn Your Old Router into Range Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater


A router is a network device that works as traffic.

The main purpose of the router is to choose a congestion-free path through which the data packet travels. A router is used to receive, analyse and forward data packets, and it uses WAN and LAN networks. These local networks work through various IP addresses like, which can be logged into for enhancing performance.

A virtual router also has a chance to share our VPN connections with other devices also.

It is easy to turn an old router into a range boosting Wi-Fi repeater so that the device connects a strong Wi-Fi signal and sends a fresh type of data to the data that are already connected in disconnected areas.

WI-FI Repeater

A Wi-Fi Range repeater or extender is nothing but boosting your wireless network and optimising it for lag-free wireless network systems. A Wi-Fi repeater is used to extend the coverage area of any Wi-Fi network. It works by receiving our already existing Wi-Fi signal, increasing the volume of sound and then transmitting the boosted signal.

Turning an old router into range boosting Wi-Fi repeater

When we convert an old router into a range-boosting Wi-Fi repeater is when we have an extra wireless router to use.

The Following are the steps to convert an old router into a range boosting Wi-Fi repeater.

Step 1

Firstly, Check whether our router can access outsiders firmware; firmware is nothing but a set of instructions or operations performed on a hardware device. This is the main step that is to be done correctly because the remaining all depends on whether a router is capable of accessing firmware or not.

Step 2

After checking, we have to download and install the firmware that is needed. To be done as per the performance of our router. The downloaded firmware configuration can be small, large, medium. Using the instructions given by firmware remaining steps are followed.

Step 3

Set an address to it. The address may change according to the router that we are using. The purpose of setting an address is to know that it’s a part of LAN infrastructure and not a printer or client. The sub netmask should match the routers mask. (Sub netmask is nothing but the router determining if the client and network segment are in remote or local mode). The default sub netmask is, which is almost constant.

Step 4

Now repeat the process for about 5GHz speed. Because when you want high and exact performance or speed, we need to use 5GHz, which is the best speedup process compared to others. The advantage of using 5GHz is it has the high potential power to cut network clutter, interference to maximise the performance of the network. Another main advantage of the 5GHz router is it has the features of an old router that is 2.4GHz.

Step 5

Finally, checking is done. Now take an extender to set up. Choose a place where an AC outlet means there should be a halfway distance between the network’s router and the place where we want to use Wi-Fi.

The spot that we are choosing an AC outlet place should be very near; otherwise, it shows errors that take some time to debug. Rectifying errors is difficult because we cannot find the exact location of the error.

Following the above steps, we can convert an old router into a range boosting Wi-Fi repeater.

Advantages of Wi-Fi repeater

Following are the advantages of Wi-Fi repeater

• A Wi-Fi repeater or extender is a high performance’s solution to cover the wireless network area of a large residence. Combining a wireless extender or repeater into your home could broaden your wireless network range throughout the area covered by your home. It acts as a repeater or extender and strengthens the signal of your router.

• Most Wi-Fi range extenders or repeaters come with automatic arrangement with play and plug functionality. We don’t need to have the technical knowledge to set up to use. You can remove a device and plug it into the power socket and fix it within minutes.

• Using a Wi-Fi range extender, an old router can be used as a repeater without any problem, and our old router also has the same SSID. If you want to remove the big process of removing an old router from your home, we can make use of it and convert it into a repeater using any range extender. Installing a Wi-Fi range extender allows you to reuse the signal in your entire home and saves time and much effort. In This way, we can make use of our older network instruments to their optimum life.

• You don’t need any extra network instruments because the installation of a wireless range extender expands your network coverage. Saving money is another added advantage.

• Using a Wi-Fi repeater, multiple users can connect. In this process, we need not repeat the process number of times.