5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Create Engaging Content for Small Business

In this digital world, content marketing has now become a staple strategy for every business, regardless of size and what industry they’re involved in. Big brands with deep pockets and large content marketing teams out there are pushing out a ton of amazing content to keep their customers stick around. Meanwhile, many small businesses with shoestring budgets struggle to create engaging content constantly.

As a small business owner, you must understand that you don’t have enough resources to promote your business using paid advertising or use fancy software to help you create high-converting content.

You don’t actually need to.

There are some affordable, low-budget tips for small business owners like you to create high-performing inbound marketing strategy so you can cut through the noise.

Let’s dive in!

1. Tell a Story without Selling Yourself

Let’s face it: your audiences click and decide to read your content just to solve their problems. So, if you use content to hard-sell your business, no one is going to read it. Therefore, you need to provide value through engaging storytelling. Remember, all the viral content on the internet tells a story, right?

People remember stories. And if you can put a story that evokes audiences’ emotions, they’ll most likely retain the information much better. In other words, make your content all about your audience. Highlight their biggest pain points, and show them some suggestions on how they can overcome them. You can even share your stories at The Doe site to take your emotions out.

After you get their attention and emotions, you can offer your business as an option to solve the problem they’re currently facing.

2. Make it Diverse and Authentic

Relying on one type of content won’t get you anywhere. So, if you only focus on producing your blog articles, you might miss out on opportunities to reach out to people who like watching videos.

In this case, you need to create different types of marketing content to attract as many people as possible to keep them coming back. You can create a landing page or you can say that diverse content helps you appeal to different tastes and keep audiences hungry for more. You can repurpose and turn your blog posts into infographics, explainer videos, or e-books.

It’s also crucial to keep your content authentic to make it more engaging. It costs you no penny to research the data you need to make your content more thrust-worthy and choose the tone you want to use in your content.

3. Leverage Free Tools

As you might know, leveraging content marketing tools can help you save a lot of time and energy. Since you’re on a tight budget, you can use ones that offer a free plan. Thanks to the internet, there are more and more tools with advanced features available to help you with a content marketing strategy that you can use for free.

Here are some of our favorite free content marketing tools that you can utilize to create engaging content. Most of them provide you with collaboration tools so you can work on the same project with your content marketing team in real-time.

  • Google Keyword Planner, a keyword tool to find you the best keywords
  • Google Trends, a tool to help you understand the popularity of a search term or topic
  • Grammarly, a writing tool to check your grammar and punctuation
  • Canva, a design tool to create some visuals like thumbnails, hero images, and other illustrations to add to your blog. You can also use this tool as a graph maker.
  • Pexels, a stock library of royalty-free images to add featured images for your blog posts or
  • Piktochart, a tool to help you create an eye-catching infographic
  • Headliner, a video creator to help you craft your own video content
  • Animaker, an animated video tool to help you create animated explainer videos with different types of styles
  • …and many more

4. Go Social

If you want to go the extra mile with your marketing content, you have to go beyond your website. You need to share your engaging content through your social media to get more eyeballs and shares. This is one of the most affordable ways to spread your content like a wildfire.

More than that, though. You can use your social media profiles to instantly discover what your audiences read, watch, follow, and listen to at the moment. When it comes to creating engaging marketing content, it’s crucial to know who you are targeting and what their interests are.

The more you understand your audiences’ values and what makes them interested, the more you can make your content relatable to them.

5. Collaborate with Other Content Marketers

Another surefire way to create engaging content without spending too much is to create a meaningful relationship with other content marketers. You can reach out to other content marketers and ask them to collaborate with your business to create content together.

We all know that collaboration is key to generating quality content. Through content collaboration, you can improve the way you preserve ideas and constantly boost your work processes.

And of course, because it’s collaborative content, it’ll be more likely to get more shares since your partner has their own audience base.

Final Thoughts

Creating such engaging content has always been a challenge even for big companies, let alone small businesses with such a tight budget. But, thankfully, with all those free resources and technology, it’s much easier for a small business owner like you to create an inbound marketing strategy that your audience wants to see without breaking the bank.

With those five low-budget tips for creating engaging content, you can now be ready to impress your audiences with well-written and valuable content that makes them coming back for more. This way, you can take your small business off the ground in no time.