8 Best Hosting Options for Boosting Your Website

SEO can either make or destroy your online presence. Ranking highly on search engines is not only about posting top-notch content. Many search engines like Google take user experience seriously, and it’s one of their primary ranking factors.

Finding a web host that will guarantee you great uptime and loading speeds will improve your site’s user experience. Google will reward you for great content and a fantastic user experience too. In this article, we’ll review some of the best hosting options that will boost your SEO.

Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Provider

  • Reputation

The web host you settle on needs to have a strong reputation in the industry. You can know how reputable they are by checking out their online reviews. Lately, many entrepreneurs have preferred looking for platforms and articles, like the Thumbtack reviews for home service professionals, to boost their businesses. Positive reviews indicate that you’re dealing with the right web hosting provider.

  • Security Features

Every web hosting company ought to prioritize customer security. The online world is full of hackers and malicious software, making it vital to choose a web host with satisfactory security options. You can advance security using a proxy, but your web host can provide basic features like SSL certificates and firewalls.

  • Uptime Guarantee

Good web hosting providers guarantee at least 99% of uptime. Anytime your website goes down, you lose a lot of money and potential clients. Every website owner looks to avoid that as it can negatively impact on user experience.

The 8 Top Hosting to Boost for Site’s SEO

1. SEOHosting.com

It is a go-to web host for many people because of several reasons. But then, the main reason why it tops this list is that it specializes in SEO. SEOHosting.com is excellent for managing one or multiple sites. It is reasonably priced, and every plan has valuable features that will help boost your SEO.

For instance, you get SSL encryption on every plan making your visitors and Google trust you more. Besides, there’s an easy-to-use interface and a standard cPanel that makes navigation easy. Annual subscribers get free domain names, and users on every plan get 24/7 customer support.

2. SiteGround

Although SiteGround is a traditional web host, it still has great features that will significantly boost your SEO. Some of the features include a free SSL certificate, domain, and a dedicated IP address, depending on the plan you purchase from it.

SiteGround also has great support and a money-back guarantee. You also enjoy great prices and exceptional features on every plan. However, the features that will give your SEO a big boost are excellent speeds and great uptime.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has two major unique selling points – speed and price. The company has invested in turbo servers that give you 20 times more speeds than regular servers. They also boast free SSL certificates on most plans and more than enough SSD storage for customer data.

You have several options to pick from when it comes to plans. Every plan has unique features, and they all have different prices. The pricing across the plans is friendly and guarantees value for money. This web hosting provider gives you great features, making it a great pick for boosting your SEO.

4. Hostinger

The best thing about this web host is that it will help you save a lot of money while boosting your SEO. It also has great features such as excellent uptime and great speeds. These fantastic features make it a great option for boosting your website SEO and making you increase your website revenue.

You will get a free SSL certificate if you host your website on Hostinger. The platform also boasts a dedicated SEO toolkit that will help you optimize your website correctly. Besides, there’s enough SEO support for customers on all its platforms. There’s an extensive knowledgebase to guide you through.

5. InterServer

InterServer only has one plan on offer, and you get the best features you can think about. You do not have to worry about site downtime and poor user experiences. Remember, downtime increases your bounce rate and makes it difficult to achieve higher rankings on SERPS.

Another fantastic feature this platform has is an SEO panel. Despite helping you optimize your site correctly; it is easy to install and learn. You also enjoy free website audits on the platform, making it easy to know what needs change and the perfect aspects.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a one-stop-shop for all your web hosting needs. If you’re targeting higher SEO rankings, this platform has the best SEO tools to help you climb up the pages. The company charges only a small fee for SEO addons and professional evaluation of your SEO by its technical team.

Once the team evaluates your website, they’ll identify and recommend changes that will boost your SEO. They can give keyword suggestions and help you search while using a proxy to protect you from getting blocked. The best of all is that GoDaddy can help you track your rankings and see how effective the changes are.

7. HostPapa

This platform is very beginner-friendly and a great pick for anyone getting started in SEO. Although many people avoid it because of its expensive renewal fees, HostPapa gives you value for money with its awesome features. With its reliable servers and technology, you should expect site uptime and excellent speeds.

HostPapa differentiates itself from the rest by offering free one-on-one training sessions. You can get trained about SEO from scratch and start creating an SEO-friendly website. Besides, the web hosting provider has a solid knowledgebase, both text, and tutorial, to help you learn SEO quickly. The best thing about HostPapa is its reliability when it comes to SEO for beginners.

8. Scala Hosting

Although Scala Hosting is the least popular on this list, you should never overlook it. There’s so much it has to offer to boost your SEO and make your site more profitable. For instance, you get a free SEO audit when you host your website on Scala Hosting.

The company also has invested in dedicated resources such as servers. That makes it possible to get maximum speeds and give your customers a great experience. A decent knowledgebase that the platform has invested in gives customers the best tips to kickstart their SEO and climb the SERPs.


Those are some of the best options you can consider for your SEO website. However, the problem comes when choosing what best fits your needs, as not every host guarantees the best results. The choice of web hosting will depend on your experience and what your website needs to improve.

Thus, a thorough SEO audit on your website is vital before your search for a host begins. Go for a host with the right features at a low price than the rest. Prioritizing user experience and focusing on performance helps pick the best web host and efficiently boost a website’s SEO.