7 Advertising Tips to Get More Doggy Daycare Customers

Your pet daycare facility has just opened for the day. The sun is bright, your facility is sparkling, and your friendly employees are dog socializing specialists. Your digital operations are up and running, allowing for quick check-in and check-out and seamless payment. Isn’t everything just perfect?

Your pet daycare, however, is doomed if it doesn’t have a continuous stream of dog owners strolling through the doors. That’s why your puppy daycare marketing strategy must include consistent customer acquisition techniques. After all, the largest yard or the most sophisticated dog business software will be useless if there are no customers to enjoy them.

Getting new clients can be difficult, but there are hordes of pet owners looking for ‘doggy daycare near me’ – the demand is there, and we’re here to help. Does advertising work? Definitely!

We’ve prepared a list of tried-and-true techniques for attracting new doggie daycare customers based on our professional experience with pet companies across the country.

Create a Positive Environment for Your Clients and Their Pooches.

This isn’t really a strategy to gain new consumers, but this strategy can go really far. Lacking a few key tenets, even a steady stream of new daycare appointments cannot be converted into loyal consumers.

The core of your pet daycare’s brand is customer satisfaction. Branding your doggy daycare or shelter properly is how you demonstrate to owners that you’re the ideal fit for their four-legged buddy. Your clientele, both old and new, must have faith in you and your team.

Prior to focusing on new consumers, double up on your current efforts to deliver a great experience to people who are currently loyal to your company. Your regular clients are among your doggy daycare’s most valuable assets in terms of growing your reputation and obtaining new appointments, as we’ll see.

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Every day, the average person uses upwards of 2 hours on social media. That’s a lot of dog clips and sites that have been clicked! Now is a fantastic moment to start a social media account for your puppy daycare.

A social media profile allows you to engage with customers and potential customers while also advertising your brand in a fun, engaging way. You can also provide exclusive deals offered only through your social media profile, using text, photographs, and videos to demonstrate what your company is all about.

Switch up your dog daycare advertising with instructional postings, cute photographs, interesting stories, and sales promotions, and continue to communicate with your followers when they remark on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Create Your Own Website

Is a webpage really necessary for doggie daycare? Yes, it is true! A webpage enhances your credibility and reputation, assists in the development of your company, and can help you gain a stronger voice in your field. Consider your website to be virtual real estate. To attract clients to your virtual doorstep, use the correct keywords, SEO, and tailored content.

Website design may appear to be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. You can have a webpage up and operating in no time with the correct tools. You will quickly realize the benefits of promoting your website through social networking sites, business cards, and periodic emails.

Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Many pet care businesses care more about how they rank for local terms like “Etobicoke dog daycare” or “web designer Toronto”. As a result, it’s critical that you maximize your organization’s website so that it appears in the search engine results related to the location where your businesses are based.

Have an Email Marketing Strategy

The majority of my pet company clients are unaware of the need for an email list. Even sending out regular updates can help with brand awareness, increased sales, more interaction, and increased client spending. It’s a far more personal and direct approach to communicating with your clients (current and future).

Not to add that, unlike social networking sites, your email list is yours to keep. Your Personal Social Media profiles and followers can be taken away at any time, but your mailing list will always be there. Make the most of it.

Connecting to your dog daycare clientele on a regular basis will allow you to keep them informed, establish brand loyalty, and increase sales and spending per client. Your emails, like social media, give you opportunities to communicate with current and potential clients. You can use it to keep them up to speed on news, provide important information, and assist them in getting to know your location and the staff who work with their dogs.

You may also use your email list to boost client satisfaction by providing opportunities for them to engage with you and become more familiar with you, such as providing access to welcome packets or special offers via relevant links or discount coupons.

Explore the Might of Digital Marketing

Digital advertising over traditional ad strategy? Does advertising work?

At any one time, millions of individuals use the computer, giving it a large and potentially undiscovered marketplace for your pet care service. Digital marketing helps your dog daycare business stand out from the pack and attract new customers. To help your website rank higher, you can start by using keywords, but you may still need to engage in online dog daycare marketing.

Paid Search and Social Media Ads can help in this situation. These services will help you get your adverts in front of the consumers who need them the most. Because most people only look at the first page or 2 of search results, getting your ad prominently shown on the front page can guarantee that it is the first result viewed, giving it the best chance of earning the hits you desire.

Build a Referral Program

While it is thrilling to recruit new dog boarding clients, it may be costly. Maintaining a great relationship with existing consumers is much less expensive. Consider establishing a membership or referral program for your long-term consumers to thank them with awards, points, packages, and presents.

If you’re still asking “Does advertising work?” The short answer is — Yes, it does. And you should start now if you want to get a steady stream of clients looking for your services.