Graphic Design v/s Web Design: Everything You Need to Know

It is a common misconception that web designing and graphic designing are interchangeable terms. However, they are very nuanced in their own niches and are poles apart if viewed not just technically but also in terms of the education that is imparted to web designers and graphic designers. However, we are here to clarify all that is murky regarding the two niches and walk you through a thorough guide which shall be beneficial for both potential employers and students who are aspiring careers in either of the two fields.

Furthermore, you can also surf the net about Web Design vs Web Development which is a popular topic nowadays. In order to know the essential differences between the two, one must at first know how web designing and graphic designing work, which professionals cater to each of the fields, and what are the technicalities involved in either of them.

Web design

Web design entails the art of curating a proper and smooth running website. Web designers create web pages keeping in mind the target audience and thereby deciding the style and manner in which a website will function and unfurl further for an advanced experience on the part of the user. Professionals who are associated with web design hail from a background education that is focused on software development, artificial intelligence, and professionals who are skilled in coding. Software engineers or engineers who have mastered programming languages are most suited to perform the task of web designing. Expertise and firm grasp over programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery is of high importance for the web designer. For a seamless website surfing experience, coders need to design programs for the execution of the various web pages of the website.

There are other specialized areas within web designing, like UX and UI. Professionals handle UX or User Experience to implement finer details that are tailored for the kind of traffic that is generated in the website, that is, more particularly, changes or improvements made to attract the age group or the community that the website targets. On the other hand, UI, or User Interface, is the style in which the website is laid out, specifically the placement of features, buttons, smooth sailing to other pages, and so on. A combination of good UX and UI creates tremendous scope for a website to do well with the target demographic.

There are also backend developers constantly working to enhance the website functions as and when users are on the website. Backend developers are also responsible for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, which uses keywords and the discreet placement of keywords to get a decent ranking of the site on Google’s search engine or any other search engines for that matter.

They carry out changes on the website according to the user responses towards it. Hence, web designing is not a single person’s job; for the successful running of a website, numerous professionals put their heads together and their best foot forward in creating a top-notch website. According to Lisian Ajroni, CTO of Ajroni Web Design Company, “high-quality web design is important in creating websites that convert users and maximize leads.”

Graphic Design

Graphic design comes into play when a web design is executed. To communicate the idea of the website and to attract the target demographic. Graphic design is used to create an aesthetically pleasing look for websites, web pages, and apps. Graphic designers work with colors, fonts, logos, typography, images, artworks, everything that would appeal to the eyes of the consumer. Graphic designers, therefore, work on the visuals of the website.

Among many others, some of the tools that graphic designers use are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop for Mac. Good graphic design is essential in terms of capturing the essence of the website, what the website stands for, and subsequently what the consumer is looking for on the website. The illustrations, color palette, placement of products, and product descriptions should be done keeping in mind both the website’s ethos and what appeals to the audience.

Graphic designers make sure that each page unfurls in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the website, and not one web page looks out of place in terms of color and design. It is the task of the graphic designer to focus on the visuals and create a synchronized and balanced palette for the website. Graphic designers and web designers at times work in unison to track the growth of the website and devise new ways to improve the website technically as well as aesthetically.

Glossing over the crucial points of differences

  • Web designers focus on the technical part of executing a website, whereas graphic designers are concerned with the visual aspects of the website.
  • Web design requires coding and mastery over languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery. Graphic designers use tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Web designers in the US are basically Software Developer Engineers, whereas Graphic Designers can hail from a background in arts, animation, and advertising.

Notwithstanding the differences, strong compliance between the web designers and graphic designers is required to gain traffic on the website and not only maintain the numbers but aiming for higher numbers in the future.

Voila! You have it. Your own detailed guide of web design and graphic design, the differences between the two, and the crucial functions that they play in order for a website to look and function smoothly.