How to invest in SEO without breaking the bank in 2021

Many over the last few years have said SEO is dead, however, Google remains the primary search engine of choice for both desktop and mobile users. SEO isn’t dead, however, the supply has caught up to the demand. More people consider themselves SEO consultants in 2021, as a once-thriving industry continues to take hits from spammers and scammers. You can still invest in SEO for your website or business, however, you have to be careful who you trust.

I’ve been doing SEO as a full-time profession since 2005. My company offers Baltimore SEO services to law firms, plumbers, and others in the DC Maryland and Virginia region. We don’t charge an arm and a leg, however, we do need to stay competitive with our pricing due to the amount of time and effort that go into managing an organic or local SEO campaign.

Don’t break the bank when looking for SEO providers. Is it important to find a company or consultant that specializes in your niche? Yes, to an extent, but these niche SEO providers are going after verticals such as SEO for personal injury lawyers or real estate agents because they know these markets can be lucrative. Don’t get so caught up in appearances, and if the consultant or company has a hard time showing you the #1 rankings they’ve obtained for clients, that’s possible because it’s such a fast-moving industry. I could spend 8 years on a client project, and if that client jumps ship after a long 8 years and switches SEO providers, how would I be able to continue to show this client’s success story while keeping business morals in place?

The supply of SEO consultants is starting to outweigh the demand, as a host of companies have been “screwed over” in the past by SEO folks making false promises. Please do your due diligence, but don’t close the door on a potential candidate or company simply because their website doesn’t look as nice as their competitors. Solo and small SEO companies who actually spend time on client work don’t spend a ton of money and effort on their own marketing, which has long been the case in many industries. Please don’t hold this against them.

Lastly, ask for reviews and references. This may not come easy, but ask what clients they’ve worked with in the past and ask if you can contact these references. Be careful who you trust to manage your SEO campaign. Just because they’re more expensive, doesn’t mean they will do what’s in your best interests.