Apple/Facebook Privacy War – All the Details you Need to Know

The privacy war is remaining a hot topic in the tech world these days. With the growing ads-driven marketing approach, data privacy is becoming a significant concern. This is very well reflected in the recent Apple and Facebook privacy war.

Apple will introduce a new privacy-protective measure, which will let you know if an app wants to collect and share your data. Only when you agree to it, the app will be able to access the data. This new privacy measure of Apple is a highly worrying element for Facebook, which is already reflected in recent Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s criticism of Apple. Keep reading this article to know more about Apple’s new privacy measure and Facebook’s response to it.

Apple New “App Tracking Transparency”

Apple developers will roll out an iOS 14 update in the coming month, which will automatically enable the new “App Tracking Transparency” feature. This feature will let apps mandatorily ask user’s permission for tracking and sharing user data with data brokers and other platforms for showing targeted ads and record user’s responses.

With this feature, you will see a pop-up message every time you install an app for the first time asking whether you approve the app to collect and share your information for showing related ads. Apple also clarified that app developers would not be able to make the tracking mandatory to give full access to the app features. Tracking will become an opt-in and opt-out option, where users are free to choose whatever they like without having any impact on the app usage.

Facebook Response to the new Apple Privacy Policy Changes

This new privacy measure is not at all good for Facebook. The whole revenue model of Facebook is based on ads that are set up based on the user’s data they collect. With such privacy measures, the ads-driven apps will not be able to provide users personalized ads if the users opt-out of being tracked.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg openly criticized Apple for its new privacy measures saying that this measure is specifically set up to put Facebook at a disadvantage. He considers Apple the biggest competitor to the company. Facebook also bought full-page newspaper ads in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, narrating that such change will impact small businesses earning stream. Facebook presented itself as a supporter to such businesses. In the past, Zuckerberg also defended the Facebook ads-driven model by saying that ads help social networks to provide their site for free to users. This implies that if tech platforms, like Apple, start restricting collecting necessary data for personalized ads, then it will make many ads-driven apps start charging for their services, making the internet costly.

Is Apple really concerned about Data Privacy?

Apple’s business model is completely opposite Facebook’s model. With its smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other products, Apple has set up an ecosystem that does not need ads and data harvesting and sales to thrive. They benefit from pushing a privacy war, which hurts Facebook as a competitor, while claiming to be on the right side of the privacy issue. Also, the growing privacy concerns have also helped Apple to introduce privacy measures to take advantage of the situation and gain more trust. That is why Apple is taking steps to be more transparent and protect users’ data. Combined with our environment of heightened cybersecurity threats, it is hard for a small business person to focus on income.

Wrapping Up

Facebook has trust issues with its users. There is a perception that Facebook prioritizes ads over the privacy of its users. This was recently seen when WhatsApp tried to change its privacy policy. The current era is becoming more sensitive to privacy concerns and demands tech companies to become transparent. In the future, those more transparent companies and give value to user privacy will see more growth and success.