How to add a Monthly Calendar to your Windows Wallpaper - for Free!

Free Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
  1. Install the DejaDesktop Software
  2. Select size and look ahead options
  3. Click show

Works on Windows and Mac!
It will update automatically every day!

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Month View

Highlights the current day of the month. Every day it sets the correct date.

Look Ahead Months

Show up to six months ahead. Now you can always see what weekday it will be for your Birthday, an Anniversary or a Holiday.

No strings attached.

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DejaDesktop Wallpaper for Windows

DejaDesktop Main Screen

DejaDesktop Wallpaper

1. DejaDesktop will start on the Free - Blank Monthly Calendar. This is only a calendar and will not read from the database until it is selected.

Database Selection

2. Select your database from the dropdown.

Use Outlook as the Database

3. For this guide we will use Outlook as the Database.

  1. Month View - This box enables a full Month View of your Calendar
  2. Ahead\Behind - This option allows you to display a smaller month view ahead\behind the current month.
  3. Day - This option allows you to select multiple days in the Day View.
  4. Data Sets - These check boxes allow you to control what is displayed in the Desktop Background.
    • These are static displays, they can not be changed via the background itself.
  5. Size - This slider allows you to control the size of the calendar on the background.
  6. Show\Hide - Show is a manual refresh of the selected information, clicking it will force an update from the selected database if the background is already displayed. "Hide" will remove the calendar from the background.
DejaDesktop Settings

DejaDesktop Settings

  1. Choose Image - This option allows you to choose which image DejaDesktop will use create the desktop calendar. Note: The original image will not be modified or moved.
  2. Location - This allows you to choose the area of the Windows Desktop where the calendar will be displayed.
  3. Size options - This allows you to select Font Sizes for the various displays.
  4. Daily Start\End Time - This option allows you to select the Start and End time for the Daily list view.
DejaDesktop Advanced Settings

DejaDesktop Advanced Settings

  1. Auto Sync:
    • Realtime - This option detects changes added to the selected Database and adds them to the DejaDesktop background within a few seconds.
    • Every "" - This option sets an auto sync at an interval of your choosing.
    • Daily "" - This option sets an auto sync for once a day at the selected time.
    • Manual - This option allows you to control the DejaDesktop updates manually.
  2. Language - This option allows you to set DejaDesktop to a different language.
    • For the language change to take full effect you many need to close and reopen CompanionLink.
  3. Sync Time - This option allows you to further specify when the selected auto sync can take place.
  4. Logging\Reread Options - These advanced options are usually reserved for troubleshooting.
DejaDesktop Holdays

DejaDesktop Holdays

1. This tab allows you to select one or multiple holiday calendars to display.

DejaDesktop Outlook Folders

DejaDesktop Outlook Folders

1. This tab allows you to select which Contacts\Calendar\Tasks\Notes folder DejaDestop will display.

  • Not all databases support multiple folders.
DejaDesktop Category Filter

DejaDesktop Category Filter

1. If your database allowed for categories, this options gives you further control to Filter out categories you may not want to see on your Desktop Calendar.

  • Not all databases support categories.

How to add Google Calendar to your PC background

Google Calendar as Desktop Wallpaper
  1. Install the DejaDesktop Software
  2. Connect your Google Account
  3. Select size and day view options
  4. Click show

It will update automatically every day, even if you don't log into Google!

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Month View

Show one calendar or multiple calendars from Google. Every day it sets the correct date without logging into Google. Automatic updates from the web.

Day View

Show up to four days. All your appointments for today. A setting controls the start end end time to show.

Tomorrow, it will automatically show instantly on your desktop, no need to open your browser.


Optionally show your task list, and selected contacts. It makes it easy to have a few phone numbers right there at your desk.

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Installing DejaDesktop

After you have downloaded DejaDesktop for Mac:

Double Click the .dmg file.
Drag the DejaDesktop Icon to the Applications Folder.

Once installed, to open DejaDesktop you can select Finder and choose the Applications folder or click Search icon in the top right and enter "DejaDesktop".

DejaDesktop for Mac Main Window

Main Options

Data Source: Select the source of the data you want you update on your desktop. Choose between DejaCloud, Google, Outlook, or Mac Apps.
Contacts: Enable this if you want contacts to display.
Day View: Enable this if you want a day view of the calendar to display. You can set 1-5 days to display into the future.
Month View: Enable this if you want a month view of the calendar to display. You can select from 0-6 months ahead and/or behind to display mini calendars. Tasks: Enable this if you want tasks to display. Notes: Enable this if you want notes to display. Size: Use this slider to set the Desktop Calendar size.

DejaDesktop for Mac Overview


Select "Choose Image" to select background desktop you want to use.
Select the image you want to use as your Desktop image.
Select Open.
Click Ok, then choose "Show" to update the background image.

DejaDesktop for Mac Overview

Auto Sync Options

Open DejaDesktop and Select Settings.
Select the Update Tab and choose the Update Interval.

Automatic (once a minute)
Every 15 minutes
Every 30 minutes
Every hour
Every hour hours

DejaDesktop for Mac Outlook

Data Source Settings - Outlook

Select "Outlook" as your Data Source
Select "Settings" and choose the Outlook Folders Tab.
Select the folders from Outlook you wish to update on your Desktop image
Select the filters, if applicable, to only update the Desktop image with the filtered data

DejaDesktop for Mac Google

Data Source Settings - Google

  1. Select "Google as your Data Source
  2. Select "Google Settings"
  3. Select follow the prompts to authorize DejaDesktop with your Google account
  4. Select the google calendars you wish to display.
  5. Select OK
DejaDesktop for Mac DejaCloud

Data Source Settings - DejaCloud

Select "DejaCloud as your Data Source
Select "DejaCloud Settings"
Select eneter your DejaCloud login credentials.
Select OK

DejaDesktop for Mac Overview

Uninstalling DejaDesktop for Mac

You can remove DejaDesktop for Mac by moving the DejaDesktop program in the Applications folder to the Trash.

Before uninstalling, to reset the Mac to the original Desktop background image:

  • Open DejaDesktop for Mac
  • Click Hide

This will restore the original background image and you can delete DejaDesktop.

If You Already Uninstalled

If you have already uninstalled DDM, you can manually reset the Mac Desktop Background image to the original image using the Mac Settings:

  • Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  • Click Desktop & Screen Saver.
  • From the Desktop pane, select a folder of images on the left, then click an image on the right to change your desktop picture.
DejaDesktop for Mac
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