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The year is 2021, and most of the world’s population is leaning towards wireless technology; why? Because it’s the most efficient way in terms of technological progress, it is our future as well. No one wants to spend hours untangling codes anymore. Just turn on the wifi. We can use multiple devices simultaneously and start multitasking on them, from turning our coffee machine on in the morning to watching our favorite show before going to sleep at night. We have made wireless technology a crucial part of our lives. But with high technology comes high competition; because we are spending more and more time online, the number of virtual spaces and offers to attract our viewership also increases day by day. So is the situation with YouTube TV & Hulu Live Tv; both of them are online tv streaming apps that are offering their consumers deals that they need to think twice about before turning them down, now which brings us to the question of “Which tv streaming service is the best?” Well, to figure that out, we must first understand what sort of features are they offering us and compare them with one another, which has been presented below:     

YouTube Tv –

It’s a Google Live Tv streaming product, an online streaming service which can be enjoyed on our smart tv or smartphone for a monthly subscription; YouTube Tv provides us with numerous local & national channels (depending on the country that you live in), features that it offers are: 

  1. DVR – we can record our shows and store them there.
  1. ON DEMAND SHOWS – we can catch up to already aired shows on it.
  1. MULTIPLE USER EXPERIENCE – up to 6 different devices we can access through our Google credential. Each person can use different passwords, but only three devices can be streamed at the same time.
  1. VOICE CONTROL – we can access this feature through Google nest mini or use a Chromecast device and control what we are watching with our voice command; for example, we can pause, resume, rewind with our command record shows, switch to live shows.
  1. JUMP– we can skip specific video segments and jump to the part we want to watch on a selected news video. This feature is available on TV apps now, but soon it shall be introduced to mobile apps.
  1. PICTURE-IN-PICTURE FOR MOBILE– A user with an Android device can use this feature to enjoy a minimized version of YouTube Tv while working on something else at the same time. Still, an iPhone user won’t be able to use this feature unless their device supports IOS 14 or has an iPad supporting multitasking on it.
  1. DARK MODE– we can activate the dark mode and enjoy strain-free streaming.
  1. MARKED AS WATCHED– users can now mark a show as watched, which they have already finished streaming.
  1. OFFLINE VIEWING– we can not stream our downloaded programs without an internet connection, which means no data or signal = no entertainment on this platform.

And if you are looking to fix the evergreen “An Error occurred. Please try again later” issue, this can work as an important link for you.


Hulu Live Tv – Is also an online streaming service platform that can be accessed through smart tv or phone for a monthly subscription. It also provides us with local channels & national channels (depending on the country you live in). Features that it offers are: 

  1. DVR– we can record our choice of shows and watch them later.
  1. ON DEMAND SHOWS– we can stream already aired shows.
  1. MULTIPLE USER EXPERIENCE– up to 6 people can use it, but it can only be streamed on two devices at the same time.
  1. LIVE GUIDE– we can watch what is being aired at that moment and what show is going to be aired within the next two weeks.
  1. OFFLINE VIEWING AVAILABLE–  we can watch our previously recorded shows without using mobile data, which means we can stream our shows from the most remote areas.


YouTube TVHulu Live Tv
Cost – $65 / per month.Channels – 75.Shows – Live shows, Previously aired shows, movies & YouTube original series. DVR – unlimited for nine months. Simultaneously viewing devices – 3.Offline viewing – No. Cost – $55 / per month. Channels – 59.Shows – Live shows, Previously aired shows, movies & Hulu Live Tv original series.DVR – 50 hours ($10 for 200 hours).Simultaneously viewing devices – 2 ($10 for unlimited). Offline viewing – Yes.


 “No five fingers of a hand are the same”; true. Different people have different needs, choices, preferences, and affordability; some might like the cost of the Hulu Live Tv app subscription fee and find its offline feature attractive. In contrast, others might give preferences to Youtube TV DVR feature & picture-in-picture feature. Only a consumer’s personal preferences, choice, thinking about the impact of their decisions, likes & dislikes can decide which Tv streaming app will fit well in their lives.   

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