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8 Mobile Apps to Boost your Business Marketing

With Google owning 97% of mobile search traffic and 55% of people exploring new brands through Smartphones, the importance of business marketing apps is massive.

Even when you are moving from one place to another, these tools prove to be highly useful. The applications let you share, bond, heighten and engross your target audience even when you are standing in a long queue. A custom mobile app development company can deliver the best application solutions to today’s businesses. How can applications help you in saving money and time for driving business growth is what we will learn here.

List of marketing apps

Generating sales and boosting brand recognition, mobile apps for business marketing prove to be very favorable for businesses. Do not forget to peruse the free Apps that are available in this field. Some of the marketing applications that you can rely on are:

General management marketing applications

  • Google Analytics – If you want your business to stay on top of the metrics through smartphones, the Google Analytics application is the one for you. This app showcases the analytics in intuitive and simple graphs that are ideal for website traffic and marketing campaigns. This app is available on Android and iOS.
  • WordPress – When you host your blog on WordPress, it is important to get the mobile application. Managing website content is straightforward with this even when you have zero Internet access. Starting from crafting, editing, and publishing posts, viewing analytics, and much more; the app will drastically help you in growing your business. Amidst business apps, WordPress apps bags a strong position in today’s time.

Content discovery marketing applications

  • Overcast – Business marketing with perfection is only possible when you carry the necessary knowledge and know-how. Podcast business marketing apps like Overcast let you search for podcasts for adding to the playlist. It is possible to listen to any podcast offline or online. This podcast app is highly known for its special feature known as Smart Speed. There will be no disruption with this feature while you listen. This app is amazing for learning about business and marketing podcasts for enhancing knowledge.
  • Feedly –If you want to subscribe to RSS feeds, Feedly is the best mobile apps for small business marketing. Exploring new content is very convenient with this marketing application. Content sharing is possible to all social media profiles for boosting engagement. Just like Buffer, the application can integrate seamlessly with social media applications.

Social media management marketing applications

  • Buffer – When it comes to business marketing apps like Buffer, it can save a huge amount of time. Direct post scheduling to social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook is possible through this application. Any content that you discover online, you can add to social media with such business apps. The browser extension feature of the app makes such wonders possible. If you take the free plan, you can manage three social accounts. It is even feasible to schedule up to ten posts one at a time. You can always take the premium plan for managing extra social accounts.
  • Planoly – More than being one of the best mobile apps for business marketing, Planoly is one of the finest Instagram marketing applications. You can use the app for previewing individual posts as a grid on the Instagram account before posting them. The app even provides you insights like engagement rate and data for each of the posts. If you want your Instagram feeds to be more interconnected and want to display a robust visual bravura for the brand, then this app is perfect for you. Connecting a single Instagram account is possible within the free plan of the app and you can upload 30 posts each month. But the free plan is only meant for images. There are premium plans as well for video posts, extra accounts, and additional posts.

Fringe social media marketing applications

  • Reddit – Tagging itself as “The Front Page of the Internet”, Reddit is the most popular among business marketing apps. As a user, you have the liberty of posting videos, pictures, memes, and stories in the app’s subcategories and categories that are known as subreddits. By subscribing to subreddits, you can craft content feeds that you can vote down or up. So when you post great content, it will automatically receive upvotes as a larger amount of people will witness it. So if you want to harness the power of this channel, then downloading the mobile application is a must. By this, monitoring brand mentions and posts will be convenient.
  • Instagram – Growing like no other app, Instagram is the best social network and business apps of today’s time. This is a marketing powerhouse that has become an integral portion of all social media strategies. Especially when your business includes targeting Gen Z or Millennials, then using business marketing apps like this is compulsory. The Instagram platform is a mobile-first one that makes its desktop interface a restricted one. It is vital to download the Instagram application for reaping the benefits that it has to offer as a marketing platform.


Proper time and money management is the biggest benefit that business marketing apps of today’s world offer to marketers like you. The time that you can save directly helps in growing any business online. Managing social media, finding sharable content, developing the brand, managing projects; benefits of marketing apps by custom mobile app Development Company seems to be never-ending. To curate the best digital marketing strategies, get in touch with us today.

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